Venue and FAQ



A variety of directions for different devices will be posted here. The festival is looking for temporary dock options for boaters to attend the festival. If you have information on a dock solution please contact Jeff Hentschel at 615-451-5961



The park at Lock 4 will accommodate approximately 700 cars.


One mile outside of the park will be off-site parking with bus service to the venue. 


When will tickets be available?

 Announcements will be made online and on this site when tickets will be available. There will likely be a presale offer so check our social media sites to get the discount.

Will we be allowed to re-enter the festival?

info available soon

Is this event rain or shine?

 Yes. We'll elaborate on this policy soon as show delays may occur due to lightning. 

Will chairs be allowed?


Is this an all-ages show?

Yes. This year will feature something for all ages.

Will dogs be allowed?

Yes. Dogs must be on a leash at all times.

Will we have to deal with the long walk into the park?

This year we plan to have shuttles that will bring people from the parking area to the waterfront. We'll have special golf carts for those with special needs; however, we may have limited ability to lift wheelchairs. We will do whatever is necessary to accommodate everyone, so please call 615-451-5961 if you have a special need that we can plan for.

Will coolers and outside refreshments be allowed?

Coolers and outside refreshments will not be allowed. Bags are subject to search at the entrance of the park.

Will we have access to free water?

The festival is looking for sponsors to provide a "hydration station" like last year. Contact the festival if your company is interested in this and other sponsorship opportunities. 

Will hard liquor be available?

No. Only beer and alcoholic seltzers will be sold at Fire on the Water. 

Are guns and other weapons allowed in this public park?

No. Since this is a closed event, no weapons will be allowed. The festival will soon provide a prohibited items list. 

Will boaters be able to make landfall?

The festival is looking for options that would allow us to have a temporary dock for Lock 4 Park. If you have suggestions, please contact Jeff Hentschel at 615-451-5961. 

How can I volunteer?

Contact the Gallatin Area Chamber of Commerce for more information on volunteering. Volunteers will work shifts for free access to the festival.

How can I be a sponsor?

Visit our sponsor page or contact our friendly rep Ashley at

Are you giving away free tickets to people who live close to the park?

No, but look for ticket givaways on local media and our FaceBook and Instagram pages.

How will you accommodate persons with special needs?

With limited walkways, sloped hills, and some uneven terrain, Lock 4 Park can be a difficult place to navigate for anyone. A bus with a lift will be available for satellite parking, and golf carts will be available to get those inside the venue. ADA compliant bathrooms will also be available. 

How can my band play at the festival?

We are always on the hunt for the best musicians who play original music. Contact Jeff Hentschel at 615-451-5961 or . Our lineup annoucement is expected in mid-March 2019.

Are children allowed in free?


What can't I bring?

  • Alcohol
  • Food/Drinks
  • Portable Grills
  • Weapons
  • Drones
  • Fireworks
  • Illegal Substances
  • Box trucks / trailers
  • Vending
  • Lasers